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2013-09-10 02:31:50 by randomdude1194

They were old.

Here is a fresh one.

I made the arts and put them on the Newgrounds. They are there.



2009-06-25 01:53:26 by randomdude1194

Why does the art portal hate me? I uploaded one picture successfully and now it is bitching at me that my other pics are over 4 million pixels. Can you only upload one a day or something?

A thousand...

2008-02-23 02:10:54 by randomdude1194

I feel newbish but...

YAAAY! !,000 xp!


2008-02-09 04:51:51 by randomdude1194



SC guitar maniac deluxe 2 score

2008-01-20 20:26:17 by randomdude1194

And you think I'm good...

And watch out for exploding trees!

Also, If you want something other than flash to watch, my first vid on youtube.

SC guitar maniac deluxe 2 score

Ugh... new review system? Why?

2008-01-12 03:19:16 by randomdude1194

Well, this morning I woke up to a new interface with the reviews. I was kind of surprised. The I tried to flag an abusive review. And because I am on a mac I for some reason I could not flag it. So...

That's annoying.

I wish they would change it back. For one I liked the way the old interface looked better and I would like it to work for me.


2007-12-28 18:27:03 by randomdude1194

About bloody time! I finally finished my website after a year! Go check it out!
Movies, music, and art. Fun right?

Horror/comedy story

2007-12-15 14:31:47 by randomdude1194

I came up with this a while back and I wanted to post it here. So here goes.

It is the middle of the night. You are sleeping in your bed. Suddenly you are woken up by a rustle coming from your back yard. You sit up and look out the window behind your bed. You see a flashing rainbow monster walking back and forth in your yard. Unexpectedly it throws a chameleon at your window. You are so shocked by the chameleon that you fall back onto your bed. Quickly you sit up and look outside again. the monster is gone. You then turn around and see it standing at the edge of your bed. Horrified by this, you run out of the room screaming and go down to call the police. They come quickly and search your room from top to bottem, not missing any nook or cranny. However, they find nothing. They then scold you for wasting their time, give you a fine, and leave in a huff. Assuming that the monster is gone, you go back to bed, turn off the lights and lay down. Uncomfortable, you turn over and the flashing rainbow thing is lying right next to you, staring at you. You try to scream, but before you can everything goes black.
You wake up the next morning, missing your right pinky finger, and lying on a mesa in a desert in new mexico. You stand up, turn around And see that there is a rather strange young lad staring you in the face. You say hello and make a friendly gesture toward the boy. He says nothing and doesn't move. He just quaintly sits there and stares you in the eye. Out of nowhere, a giant metal spike comes out of his face lashing toward you and unexpectedly stops half an inch away from your nose. It then retracts violently back into the boys face. When the whole deal is done, the boy looks exactly as he did a moment ago: completely normal. Shocked, you back away slowly, forgetting that you are on to of a mesa. You fall off the edge unknowingly and realize that you are about to die. You have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, you wont have to suffer through this ordeal that you are going through, but on the other hand, you are going to die. After a few more seconds of falling, everything goes black. Is this the end? But you are still conscious. You look around. You see nothing around you. Then white dots appear. They start orbiting around you. Faster and faster, until they fade away as you start to see color. They all disappear as you realize that you are in your bed, in your room, on earth.

So was it a dream. Thats what you assume. but it was so lifelike, and the transition from sleep to consciousness was so seamless! A phenomenon. You try to go to sleep but can't. You feel a very sharp pain in your right pinky finger. Perhaps you jammed it during your dream. Or maybe...

You rip off the covers and to your dismay, you are missing your pinky. Your heart starts pumping at a dangerous rate. Your mind races to extremes. How? How?! HOW?!?!?!? Everything goes black as you start to fall into hysteria. And then...


Light re-enters your eyes. You look around. All you see is white. You try to stretch your arms so you can look around. But they seem to be stuck to your body. You look down and see that you are binded in a straight jacket. As your eyes ajust to the brightness, you can clearly see that you are in a small, padded cell. You then realize that you will never die, no matter how hard you try. You can't be killed. Something will always be there to revive you, and you will have to suffer through this hell forever.
No end...
No life...
No struggle.
Acceptance is the only way.

The human mind is a very powerful thing.

~Tell me what you think of the story!

Shoop da woop

2007-12-11 11:20:00 by randomdude1194


I'm hooked.

I could not resist photoshoping this

Shoop da woop

Thank god for mods

2007-12-06 22:55:19 by randomdude1194

I thank the mod who deleted an abusive forum topic about my mom being fat. That was just... wrong. Unfunny and cruel. Thank you.